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Egg-Weight-Dough (Eischwerteig) Recipe

Some of the cakes that utilize this dough are German Marble Cake (Marmorkuchen) Marble Cake (Marmorkuchen) or German Fruit Cake (Obstkuchen) Fruit Cake (Obstkuchen).


4 eggs

2-4 egg-weight unsalted butter (room temperature)

4 egg-weight fine sugar

1 teaspoon Vanilla Extract or zest of an untreated lemon

4 egg-weight sieved flour (up to 1/3 corn or potato starch)

1 flat teaspoon baking powder


Weigh your eggs on a digital kitchen scale. Note the weight of the eggs. This is the weight you will need for all the other 'egg-weight' based ingredients. The size of the cake can be increased or decreased depanding on your needs, i.e. size of baking pan etc. Whisk the softened butter with a hand mixer until creamy, add the sugar gradually and one egg at a time while continuing to whisk. Add the Vanilla extract or the lemon zest to the batter and mix until combined. Sieve the flour, add baking powder and the starch to the flour mixing all dry ingredients together. Add the flour gradually to the batter while continuing to mix with the hand mixer until all combined. Do not overmix.

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