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Viennese Apfelstrudel/Wiener Apfelstrudel German Dumplings/Knödel Beef Roll-Ups Pork Knuckles with Sauerkraut/Schweinshaxe
Danube Waves Cake/Donauwellen Potato Pancakes/Kartoffelpuffer Cream Puffs/Windbeutel Spätzle
Rotkohl/Red Cabbage Black Forest Cake/Schwarzwälder Kirschtorte Sauerbraten Frikadellen/Meat Patties


Bavarian cuisine is originally a long-established, traditional, country food which became popular in the 19th century with middle-class households in the Bavarian cities.

The main characteristics of Bavarian Cuisine are the numerous meat and roast dishes, dumplings and other flour based side dishes. It´s hearty, simple and a perfect comfort food.

Due to cultural similarities Bavarian food is closely related to the Bohemian and Austrian cuisines and in Germany to the Franconian and Swabian cuisines. brings authentic, traditional and the most popular dishes from Bavaria and other parts of Germany to you with easy to follow recipes.

I hope you won't be hesitant to try some of the great recipes featured here.

Guten Appetit!
~ Arlena

Essential gadgets for the Bavarian Kitchen

  • Spätzle maker

    A must have for making Spätzle which are home-made Southern German egg-noodles.

  • Digital Kitchen Scale

    With gram to ounce conversion on top of scale. Great for German baking recipes because weighing in grams is more precise than in ounces.

  • Potato Ricer

    If you plan to make german dumplings you will need a potato ricer. It also makes the perfect mashed potatoes and baby food.

  • Rolling Pin

    If you want to make Apfelstrudel you'll need a Rolling Pin and one made out of marble the dough won't stick to it as easy as it does to a wooden Rolling Pin. And of course you can use it for pizza dough and other pastry dough based dishes.

  • Hand Mixer

    You don't need to invest a lot of money buying a stand mixer, most home cooks will only need a good quality hand mixer and it won't take lots of counter space away in your kitchen either.

Other basic equipment for any kitchen

  1. KitchenAid Box Grater, use it to grate carrots, cheese, chocolate or thin cucumber slices for the German cucumber salad. The Oxo brand (which I like) didn't have the thin slicer on the side which I need to make my cucumber salad.
  2. Large Wood Cutting Board for vegetables. I would recommend a size not more than 13x19in that way it won't get to heavy and you can easily fit it in your kitchen sink to give it a quick rinse. Wood will extend the live of your knives, they won't get dull as quickly. Look for a wood board which has a grooved channel to catch juices.
  3. Two plastic cutting boards one for raw meats one for fruit and bread on which you don't want onion or garlic taste and you can sanitize them in the dishwasher.
  4. Cuisinart Immersion Hand Blender (great for blending sauces or soups, good trick if your little ones don't like chunky vegetables in their soup or sauces).
  5. A blender like Hamilton Beach Blender is great for smoothies or you can use it instead of an immersion blender for sauces or soups but you'll have to blend in batches.
  6. Three wooden and/or silicone cooking spoons with different lengths and sizes.
  7. One metal and one silicone or non-stick spatula, two sets of thongs, one with protective plastic at the ends like from Oxo Nylon Head Thongs for nonstick pots and pans and one all metal like from Oxo Stainless Steel Thongs which you can use it for the grill too, it's handier than the long grill thong.
  8. A good basic peeler for potatoes, fruits or carrots, I like the Oxo brand because it has a comfortable grip.
  9. Cheese slicer like the one from Leifheit.
  10. Microplane Zester. Zest lemon, orange, garlic cloves, nutmeg, ginger, chocolate...
  11. Good quality knives. They will last you more than 20 years and they will make chopping and cutting a breeze. Check out Wüsthof 14 piece Deluxe block set. I'd would like to suggest a good Santoku knife as well, I prefer using it for chopping veggies, because it has a straight edge, whereas the Chef's knife is great for cutting meats. I have the Wüsthof Classic Santoku.

Foto Credits: Fotolia, Bavarian Kitchen